Products and Services

Emotional Tracks –  our guides make one or two hour excursion to show you all attractions in the park and retell you about Gothamites’ legends and funny stories, including merry games, songs, dances, competetions (horseriding, egg-golf  etc.) Winners get prizes.

One hour excursion costs 2 €,

two hour excursion costs 3,5  €

The sale of all kinds of souvenirs and handicrafts connected with the Gothamites stories and legends –

Gothamites big mog for mutual drinking

a knife, a fork and a spoon all in one set

a felt hat

a dice that has 6 points on its every side (you get always 6 points!)

a neighbour dice (always shows only one point!),

hobbyhorses and etc.

In our workshop it is possible to make handicraft with the help of Our teacher (feltwork, painting of dishes, clay modelling and etc.)

Renting of our rooms (approximately per 20 persons or per 50 persons)

Holding of meetings and gatherings, birthday party  celebrations

Renting of our bathboat

Our business partners offer you catering, handicrafts, car- sauna and other entertainments

Our Customers

Our visitors are  people who regardless of their age and nationality respect and enjoy humour

Special packets are compiled for groups (adults and children), families and companies

We have 5000 customers per year