The Counsil House (again the windows were forgotten to build)

figured wooden sculptures

main gates (the Gothamites had no garden but nevertheless they had the gates of the garden)

photostands with face openings

a two-storey very unusual and weird lavatory with picture display


This year we’ll begin the reconstruction of the building where we want to open a training class, some workshops, a kitchen and rooms for games and  various celebrations.  So we’ll get a good chance to offer more services all the year round and to employ more workers

Koda laelampidega

volley- and basketball grounds,

a health track,

a precision game with beetles,

a bathboat  with water inside not outside as usual,

a place for grilling special long sausages.

weather station of Gothamites

playgrounds with climbing  and gliding devices and swing

a conical construction of wooden poles