The theme park

Who are the wise men of Gotham (or Gothamites)?

Gothamites are the characters of one funny legend and they are famous for their senseless and aimless activity and all kinds of funny tricks. Legends and folk tales about Gothamites were known  more than 400 (four hundred) years ago in Germany.

Estonian  popular writer Fr.R. Kreutzwald translated these funny stories into Estonian and  removed the Gothamites to Peetri Parish in Järva County.

Where is The Theme Park of Gothamites situated?

The Theme Park of Gothamites is situated in Estonia, in Järva county, in Müüsleri village.

The location  is very good as Müüsleri is in the centre of Estonia and the village connects such important highways as Tallinn – Tartu (you must turn from Mäeküla) and Piibe highway (drive up to Kapu and then turn in the direction of Koeru). The distance between Müüsleri and the both highways is a little bit more than 10 kilometres. The Theme park is on the main road Mäeküla – Koeru.